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Scaling New Heights Review

Wow, what an amazing week! I had the best time going to Scaling New Heights #SNH22, and I definitely had some thoughts. This was my second year, and my experience was much different than my first experience, last year in Fort Worth. As a first time attendee last year, I spent much of the time taking it all in, just trying not to feel out of place. I met zoom friends face to face for the first time, met many new friends, and most importantly got out of the house!

This year I was able to reconnect with new friends from last year, make even more, and really connect with leaders of our industry and some truly amazing innovators and entrepreneurs.

Life truly is different when you pursue something you love. I TRULY love my job, and sometimes am still in a little bit of awe in what I have been able to accomplish in just under 3 years.

My absolute FAVORITE part of continued education is to learn about SaaS integration.

I didn’t even know that term 1.5 years ago (Software as a Service) and now I feel like what we do will shape and guide what happens in the future with accounting automation.

At this conference there are so many of us that specialize in different things and it’s soooooo important to feel out of our comfort zone. It’s the only way we change. Another way to “step out of the zone”’is to do something EXTREMELY uncomfortable, such as…….. actively pursuing rejection??? This amazing speaker gave a fascinating tale of “100 days of rejection”. Essentially asking for preposterous things that will likely yield a no. To become more comfortable with hearing the word no. To take the personal “sting” out of it.

I loved it. Here is some more information about how it works:

On day three of "100 days of Rejection", the speaker, Jia Jiang, went to Krispy Kreme to ask for 5 intersecting donuts in the shape of Olympic rings, SPECIFICALLY to get a no. Little did he know that humanity is not all that bad. Check it out here:

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